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Senior / Student Portrait Details

Our senior portrait process is designed to create a very personalized photo shoot and unique senior pictures for high school seniors and parents with a strong desire to achieve senior portraits that are unique, artistic, that bring out your personality and celebrate what makes you special. Occasionally we create exceptional senior portraits because we happened to be in a great location at the right time with the right outfit. Most of our best work, however, is the result of getting to know you and carefully planning the details so we are consistently in the right locations that are best for you, with the right clothing and accessories to achieve your desired look, at the best times. In doing so, it is important that we get to know you and use our combined creativity to craft and execute a plan that will lead to captivating, inspired senior portraits tailored specifically for you.

Planning Session

Before your photo shoot we meet with you and at least one of your parents to get to know you and plan your photo shoot. During your consultation we explore your ideas, interests, activities, accomplishments and other things that make you special and work with you to translate them into an actionable plan to create the images you will love. We’ll cover everything from locations, clothing, timing and any special concerns or requests. It’s not unusual for our clients to want to make changes before the photo shoot so don’t hesitate to give us a call with your ideas or changes. Changes to the plan can have consequences you might not be aware of so be sure to stay in touch so we can help advise about possible tradeoffs and make sure you get the images you are expecting. We prefer to meet our clients in person, however if that is not practical, we can meet with you over the phone as long as both you and one of your parents can be on the call together.

Photo Shoot

Most of our shoots are 2-3 hours and usually take place in the late afternoon and early evening when the sun provides the most flattering light. We carefully plan your shoot to make the best use of the natural light and locations, minimize travel and keep you in front of the camera as much as possible. Most clients choose to have their photo shoots entirely on location. We try very hard to make your photo shoot unique, particularly with regard to your classmates that come to our studio, so we do our best to avoid photographing you at the same location as your classmates and if we do, we try to use the location differently.


We have a few general rules for clothing: Wear what you love! Bring extra outfits! Accessorize as much as you are comfortable! Dress for the Weather (ever try to look pretty while you were shivering?). The rest really depends on the location and look we are trying to achieve. We spend a lot of time talking about clothing in your consultation and if we have strong opinions about what to wear and what to avoid, we’ll discuss our recommendations and include them in your photo shoot plan. We don’t put arbitrary limits on outfit changes because every senior and every situation is different. In the rare case where the number of outfits you are thinking of seems too few for the variety you are looking for or too many for the time we have planned for, we’ll advise you about the tradeoffs and help you make the appropriate changes to the plan.


We prefer to go the extra mile and photograph you at locations that are special to you so your pictures have more meaning (e.g. your home, places where you have grown up or spend a lot of time, places you have always admired for their beauty). We have our own favorite locations as well so we can make recommendations to suit what you are looking for and in close proximity to keep travel between locations to a minimum. We are primarily location photographers. 

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